Monday, May 22, 2017

Backpack Injury Prevention

Injury is prevented by use of stylish backpacks for college, or opting for rolling school backpacks:


Backpacks are very popular now, especially with the young children and teenagers.
Even College students are carrying the books and supplies in backpacks.
Backpacks are very useful, but you have to use them the way they were design to be used.
The bags were design to distribute the weight of the load evenly among your back muscles.
Is there risk for injuries?
If the backpack is worn incorrectly or is too heavy, it can cause back problems to children and teenagers.
Improperly use of the backpack can cause muscles and joints injuries.
This can cause severe shoulders, neck and back pain.
Wearing backpack incorrectly can cause misalignment of your spine and you can end up with posture problems.
Continue reading and you will get some tips that you can us to prevent some these injuries.
Follow these simple guidelines when shopping for a backpack:
  1. Choose the right backpack
  2. Look for wide shoulder straps.
  3. Narrow straps can dig into the shoulder and this can cause pain restrict the blood circulation.
  4. Two shoulder straps is a must have.
  5. Backpack with one shoulder strap cannot distribute the weight evenly across the body.
  6. It should have a padded back to protect against any sharp object in the inside of the bag. It also helps with comfort.
  7. A waist strap to help with the distribution of the weight evenly
  8. The backpack should be lightweight.
  9. Rolling backpack is a good choice for young students who must carry heavy books and their laptop.
The main issues with rolling backpack, they going have be lift to get them up a set of stairs. How do prevent injury when wearing or carry a backpack.

  • You must always use both shoulders straps. Using only one shoulder strap can strain the back muscles.

  • Tighten the straps so that the backpack is against the back. The straps must hold the backpack about two inches above the waist.

  • Don't over pack the bag. The backpack should never weigh more a quart of the child body weight.

  • Organize the backpack so that you make use of all the compartments. Pack the heavy items to the center of the back.

  • Do not carry all you books that you need for the day. You should put some of the book that you don't immediately need in the
    school locker and take them out when you really need to use them.

  • You should never bend by the waist when carry the backpack on you back. You should bend by the knees if you to bend down.

  • Tips for parents:

  • Encourage your children to let you know when they are feeling discomfort or pain that may be cause from carry the backpack.
    Get together with other parents to exchange information and encourage your kids to make changes in the way the wear of carry
    their backpacks.

  • You can also do this if you can afford it. Buy a second set of textbooks, so that the student can have a set at home and at school.

  • I hope that this article will prevent you from having injuries.
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