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Chamomile Essential Oil Importance and Health Benefits

Chamomile oil is a well accepted herb in the Western world and there are two varieties of chamomile called the Roman Chamomile and German chamomile. The botanical name of Roman chamomile is chamaemelum nobile and that of German chamomile is Matricaria chamomile. Roman chamomile is also known as English chamomile and the plant used to extract this essential oil is a native of north-western Europe and Northern Ireland. History says that the Ancient Roman soldiers used Roman chamomile oil to give them courage and mental clarity in the battlefield. Roman chamomile oil is widely used nowadays because of its different positive benefits and uses.

Roman chamomile is a perennial herb with a hairy stem and feathery greyish green leaves and its flowers looks like the small daisies. The flowers have yellow centres and are surrounded by white petals. This is a plant which grows close to the ground and the flowers of the plant are fragrant and its oil is extracted from the apple scented flowers. Roman chamomile oil has a warm, sweet and herb like fruity scent and it has a greyish or clear light blue colour with water like viscosity. The important components of the Roman chamomile oil are a-pinene, b-pinene, camphene, sabinene, 1, 8-cineole, myrcene, caryophyllene, y-terpinene, propyl angelate, and butyl angelate.

Historic Importance

This oil has historic importance and for the Egyptians, Roman chamomile was an herb which is closely devoted to the sun and moon and was used for curing fever because of its cooling ability. The oil also helps to soothe nervous complaints. The plant and the oil extracted from its flowers were mixed to shampoos, perfumes and cosmetics in ancient times. The oil was used for relieving anxiety and is also used to treat nausea, gas problems, heartburn and vomiting. In modern times Roman chamomile oil is used to treat skin problems and is widely used in body care products. It is also used for alleviating muscle discomfort after physical activity or exercise and is mixed with different types of massage oils.

The traditional method of Roman chamomile oil is steam distillation. The harvesting of the flowers takes place during the month of late June or July. The harvesting has to be done in the right time so the yield of essential oil is the highest. To test the yield a small test distillation is performed every few days and the resulting oil is evaluated through gas chromatography. If the oil has the necessary therapeutic quality and the most important constituent only then the flowers are harvested. The harvesting takes up to two weeks and the harvested crops are allowed to sun-dry for a short time before steam distilling it. The flowers in normal case produce between 0.4 and 1.0 percent essential oil.

Topically and Inhaled

Roman chamomile oil works well when applied topically or inhaled. The oil can be ingested but only under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Roman chamomile oil is considered as important oil in the aromatherapy treatment and it has dominant soothing and calming qualities. It has import effect on both physical and emotional conditions and it is ideal for the nervous system, skin and it work effectively with emotions. Roman chamomile oil should be diluted with mild carrier oil and the oil blends well with clary sage, bergamot, lavender, tea tree oil, geranium, rose, grapefruit, ylang-ylang and lemon oils.

Roman chamomile oil is non-toxic and non-irritant oil and can be used safely topically, inhaled or diffused. It is ideal if you do a skin patch test and see whether there is any allergic reaction before using the oil freely. The emmenagogue properties of the oil stimulate the blood flow when used in high concentrations so it not advisable for use for pregnant and nursing moms. People who are sensitive to plants from the Asteraceae or Compositae family like ragweed, chrysanthemum, daisies and marigolds should not use this oil because it may lead to allergic reactions.

In Vapor Therapy

Roman chamomile oil is ideal for use for the relief for migraines, headaches and nervous complaints when used in vapour therapy. In the vapour therapy it can be mixed with carrier oil and put in a burner or diffuser. The oil is ideal for lightning allergies, colic, insomnia, addiction and muscular pains when blended in massage oil or diluted with the bathwater. The oil can be added to creams and lotions and applied for soothing diaper rash, burns and sunburn. Roman chamomile oil is widely used for helping treat swelling in the mouth and tonsillitis when mixed in water and gargled as a mouthwash.

Roman chamomile oil has many anti-inflammatory properties and it is also an anti-spasmodic, anti-septic, antidepressant, antibiotic, carminative, analgesic, and tonic, bactericidal and anti-infectious effect. . Because of these properties it is widely used for the treatment of different health conditions like allergies, skin irritations, infection due to bacteria and fungi, muscle spasms, cramps and tension. For allergies the oil can be diffused in a diluted mix through your home before the start of the allergy season. The oil can be applied under the feet or inhaled directly when the allergy happens.

Relieves Circulatory System Disorders

Roman chamomile oil helps in the treatment of acne, eczema, rashes, dermatitis, wounds and dry and itchy skin. The oil has the capacity of killing all types of intestinal worms when ingested and it can kill mites and lice when applied on the hair. The oil is ideal for keeping the hair and scalp free from infections. Roman chamomile oil when massaged onto the affected areas mixed with mild carrier oil like coconut oil can relieve muscle spasms, cramps and tension. It helps to relieve circulatory system disorders by boosting the circulation and helping remove toxins like uric acid from the blood.

Roman chamomile oil can be inhaled or diffused before bedtime for a good night's sleep. The oil is also widely used for treating abdominal pain, throat infections and gallbladder problems. Always see that you buy genuine products like Roman chamomile oil from reputed stores or online store because this helps you in getting effective results after the usage of the Roman chamomile oil.

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